Intermediate CCAATA Training (Millet, AB)

We are committed to professional excellence in the field of Child-Centered Animal-Assisted Therapy. We have developed in-depth certification program that focuses on joining animals and children that promotes healing, connection, and growth. We strive to ensure the safety of both the client and the animal assistant, by honoring the human-animal bond, the attachment needs of the child, all while endorsing the highest levels of professional competence needed to facilitate this sacred work.

This is the second training required to reach full certification through CCAATA.


Dates: September 27-29. 2024 (9:00am-5:00pm)

Duration: 30 hours  (3 days in-person, 6 hours adjunct e- learning & assigned readings & 3 group meetings 10/21/24, 11/04/24, 12/03/24 6:30pm MST

Cost: $1600 + GST

Purpose: In this training, CCAATA Practitioners will further their exploration of the CCAATA model while focusing on more depth-based, process-oriented work.

Objectives include:

  • Integrate and demonstrate knowledge of CCAATA concepts and principles
  • Creation of an in-depth professional practice plan
  • Learn advanced strategies to foster positive mental health outcomes in children (i.e., anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, social skills, group therapy)
  • Explore specific mental health concerns facing children and how to adjust your practice to help facilitate positive mental health outcomes
  • Engage in practice sessions with cohort members
  • Develop a personal Scope of Practice and Professional Development Plan
  • Explore a variety of case studies
  • Learn about positive training methods in both equines & canines


  • CCAATA Fundamentals training OR at least 10 hours in another animal-assisted therapy modality (exceptions might be made depending on the participants background so please email for inquiries)

More about the location of the training:
Hooves of Hope Ranch provides a private, healing space for people to connect with nature & animals. This 100 acre ranch oasis is a hidden gem just 1.5 km east of Millet, AB and about 30 minutes south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The ranch is covered in natural forrest, rolling hills, an intricate trail system, and home to a variety therapy animals utilized for animal-assisted therapy such as:  horses, miniature horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, geese, and chickens.  Hooves of Hope Ranch offers play therapy, animal-assisted therapy, traditional office-based counselling, and group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.
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