Fundamentals Training CCAATA Training (Millet, AB 2024)

We are committed to professional excellence in the field of Child-Centered Animal-Assisted Therapy. We have developed in-depth certification program that focuses on joining animals and children that promotes healing, connection, and growth. We strive to ensure the safety of both the client and the animal assistant, by honoring the human-animal bond, the attachment needs of the child, all while endorsing the highest levels of professional competence needed to facilitate this sacred work.

This is the first training required to reach full certification through CCAATA.



Duration: 20 hours  (2 days in-person &  5 hours adjunct e- learning and assigned reading)

Cost: $800 + GST

Purpose: In this introductory training, practitioners will be introduced to CCAATA philosophy, principles, and ethics.

Objectives include:

    • Engage in exploratory exercises to introduce CCAATA Practitioners to the therapeutic work of Animal-Assisted Therapy
    • Explore the role of attachment when working with children and adolescents
    • Outline safety considerations when working with animals and humans
    • Explore the role of animals as assistants and partners in the healing process

More about the location of the training:
Hooves of Hope Ranch is located on a 100-acre ranch in the heart of Alberta; 30 minutes south of Edmonton near Millet, AB. It is surrounded by rolling hills and acres of forest; and home to several therapy horses, miniature horses, goats, cats, dogs, and chickens. Learning more: